Your goal when listing an item for sale on Craigslist.org is to make money. Unfortunately, most sellers accomplish the exact opposite. In fact, some Craigslist sellers tick off potential buyers to the point that they receive hate mail! If your goal is to get this hate mail and keep your wallet empty, continue reading on.

Call your buyers stupid, dumb, morons, and so forth. Yes, this really does happen. You know what? When an interested buyer contacts you and asks a dumb question that doesn't even pertain to the item you are selling or if you can care less (and trust me this will happen), call them stupid behind their back. It will make you feel better. However, you will accomplish by nothing but angering your buyers by automatically referring to them as stupid morons. No matter how much you feel the urge to close out your Craigslist post with "Once again, stupid people who cannot read, the swing set is free, but you must take it down and don't bring your toddler for me to baby-sit while you do so," don't do it!

Call your buyers cheap. Lets face it; the economy is still in shambles. Many Americans don't have jobs or have seen their hours or pay decrease. Americans are shopping on a budget. For that reason, you will get lots of requests asking you to lower your price even more. You are selling a like-new television stand that retails for $100 for $50; don't they realize that they are already getting a good deal? Most simply don't care. They are going to ask because they have nothing to lose. If you want to prevent the endless supply of emails from cheapskates, just state in your Craigslist posting that the price is firm. Say nothing more. "Listen, you cheap bastards this price is set in stone so don't bother contacting me for anything else;" is not recommended.

Leave your Craigslist posting up even though the item sold days ago. Deal seekers on Craigslist are like rapid bulldogs. Do yourself a favor and take down a Craigslist ad whenever the item sells. This benefits everyone involved. You won't get one of those rabid bulldogs who keeps stalking you via phone or email until you respond. And the buyer doesn't waste their time. Another benefit of yours is the fact that you won't have to listen to that person rant and rave like a lunatic that belongs in the home for the insane because you were an "inconsiderate jerk," who did nothing but waste their time.

When selling on Craigslist, you will deal with a lot of people who seemed to have left their brain somewhere else. Despite the urge to let it all out, keep your feelings to yourself. Doing so will mean money in your wallet.

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